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About the Show

In each episode, Chef Amberlee and Mom Cindy invite you to join them on the vegan journey of "Born-Again Eaters."  In the Valley Green Vegan podcast, we discuss our backgrounds and stories of how and why we transitioned to a 100% plant-based diet; how to eat plant-based on a budget, great cooking techniques to save time and stay healthy, whole foods vs. processed vegan foods, book and documentary reviews, nutritional information sources, and much more!

Join us on our journey, and take a listen!

Green Goodness
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Mother-Daughter Hosts
Cindy & Amberlee DeVore

Come dine in with us!

Two vegans.  Two continents, Two Stories.  Cindy in the U.S., and daughter Amberlee in Australia, have a lot to talk about as "born-again eaters."


Chef Amberlee DeVore

Amberlee has worked as a fine dining sous chef in Virginia and Washington, D.C.  Upon moving to Australia, she served as head chef at a restaurant in Sydney and has worked in casual, high-volume venues in New South Wales. One of her favorite jobs was creating special dishes and serving famous music artists at Lizotte's, a unique locale and venue for well-known musicians.  Because of progressively worsening food sensitivities as a child, her transition to a plant-based diet happened over time. Since then, Amberlee has focused her culinary skills not only on creating beautiful and delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, but also how to do so on a budget.  With the Valley Green Vegan podcast, Amberlee's goal is to share her cooking and nutrition knowledge with others who are transitioning to plant-based eating, as well as to share some tips with those who have been eating a plant-based diet for years. 

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Cindy DeVore, Cancer Survivor and Vegan

When it comes to making decisions, Cindy's "all or nothing attitude" paid off in healthy ways when, in January 2023, she transitioned to a 100% plant-based diet, literally overnight. Dealing with debilitating joint inflammation from cancer treatments, Cindy was desperate to feel better through holistic means.  What she's getting with plant-based eating has been so much more!  Cindy has taken a deep-dive into learning all she can about nutrition, disease prevention and healthy living through a whole food plant-based diet.  She currently hosts another podcast for fellow-cancer patients and enjoys sharing all that she has learned with others who are cancer warriors and survivors. Since transitioning to plant-based eating, Cindy is brimming with enthusiasm to raise plant-based health awareness among the masses! As host of the Valley Green Vegan podcast, she shares her health experiences, recipes, and what she continues to learn with each new day as a "born-again eater."

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