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Podcast Snippet: Cindy and Chef Amberlee Discuss a Potential Superfood

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

From episode: Jackfruit - From Desserts to Barbeque, The Ultimate Versatile Fruit

My world changed so much when I transitioned to a 100 % plant -based diet. I mean, I can't tell you, the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades, honestly. Well, now that you had mentioned, you know, when you found out you had cancer, and you had to go through the treatments, and you started to learn more about your health, and to touch on the jackfruit, one of the points I wanted to mention is that some studies have suggested that the jackfruit seeds may have several anti -cancer properties. Oh, awesome. And this is believed to, due to their high levels of plant compounds and antioxidants, so specifically like the flavonoids, and how did you pronounce the other one, saponins, saponins? Saponins. And saponins. I think that sounds it, yeah. And phenolics, in particular. And those studies showed that those plant compounds may help fight inflammation, and I thought this one you might actually be interested in hearing, may help fight inflammation, enhance your immune system, and even repair DNA damage. That's amazing. So there was a recent test tube study found that the jackfruit seed extract reduced the formation of cancerous blood vessels, extract, yeah, reduced the formation of cancerous blood vessels by 61%. Wow. Wow. Yeah. That's really, really interesting. But because the research is limited, and more research is needed to say whether jackfruit seeds have anti -cancer effects in people, still needs to be done.

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