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Podcast Snippet - Chef Amberlee on Jackfruit

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

From episode: Jackfruit - From Desserts to Barbeque, The Ultimate Versatile Fruit

Amberlee is a former chef. She worked in Washington DC and in Virginia as a sous chef. And then she moved to Sydney, Australia and was head chef there and then has worked in different venues doing casual, what's it called? Casual dining right in towns in New South Wales. And she's been on a plant based diet really for many years. Whereas I, her mom, am a relatively new vegan, having transitioned in January of this year about five and a half months ago. And I have completely gotten into exploring all of the new culinary adventures of eating vegan and living on a plant based diet. So this week I actually really would like to discuss jackfruit. I'm kind of on a little bit of a jackfruit binge here. So I've been experimenting with it lately. So just some fun facts here. But first thing I wanted to say, it is a fruit and it's found many parts of Asia and it gained popularity due to its sweet taste and many health benefits. So in the flesh isn't the only edible part. You can actually eat the seeds and the seeds contain high levels of starch, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as like there's a really important part of your B vitamins, the vitamin and the riboflavin. Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, and I know too, you actually, while you were sick, you cooked up some really amazing jackfruit barbecue in Coleslaw just in time for us to celebrate the 4th of July here. And it's posted on the Valley Green Vegan blog. So that was amazing. I mean that it looks and tastes exactly like regular pulled pork barbecue. If people are transitioning and really enjoyed pulled pork barbecue, jackfruit is truly an amazing versatile fruit.

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