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Podcast Snippet: Overnight Veganism: How I Reversed My Health Issues and Lost 19 Lbs.

Updated: Apr 27

Partial transcript from episode: Tremendous Tempeh!

So I transitioned earlier this year, so it was January of 2023 when I literally, overnight, told my husband, I am turning vegan tomorrow. And he said, I'll do it with you! And it really came from a need to find a more holistic way of dealing with inflammation that I was having from cancer treatments.

So I was really desperate to kind of get my life back on track and reduce inflammation in my body, but then I got so much more from eating a plant -based diet, I have literally changed my lifestyle. And when I talk about how much I've gained from turning vegan, I'm talking about other health benefits. So my cholesterol has come down. I am off my high blood pressure medicine that I took for years, high blood pressure ones in my family, and I just assumed that it was something I was going to have to deal with the rest of my life. Absolutely not true. When I went to a plant -based diet, my blood pressure lowered very quickly. I mean like within the first two weeks. I got off of my medications.

So my blood pressure at last check was right around 118 over 70, which is absolutely fantastic for me considering that it used to be up in the high 120s, 130s range, even when I was on medication. So that's just a tremendous thing. Then the other thing that's happened that was kind of unexpected is I'm eating a lot of food. I'm eating a lot of fiber filled food, so I feel full all the time. I'm never hungry, but I've lost 19 pounds so far since January.

So it's a very slow weight loss over a six month period of time, but it's a good weight loss. It's a healthy weight loss, and it's something that I know I can sustain for sure, and I'm still counting. I mean, I would love to lose another 15 pounds, and that itself is going to help me with the inflammation in my body as well and with my joint pain.


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